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Race, Religion and Reproduction

Fertility Fest artists and experts unite to talk about one of the biggest infertility taboos

Infertility doesn’t discriminate. It’s not a middle class white woman’s problem as some media might have you believe. It affects 1 in 6 couples, whatever your socio-economic background, gender, race or religion.


But we do know there are different pressures and prejudices depending on the community you come from.  Following Michelle Obama’s announcement that both her daughters were born from IVF, the subject of race, religion and reproduction has finally started to make headlines.


Read what Jessica and Gabby, Founders of Fertility Fest, wrote in Huffington Post in the lead-up to event they hosted at the National Theatre around the subject at the end of last year.


Now we take that discussion further as ten Fertility Fest artists and ten Fertility Fest experts come together for the first time to share their opinions and see if we can reach some consensus that can be more widely disseminated and understood.

Chaired by Farrah Nazir from the Wellcome Trust and Sarah Douglas from Liminal Space.

The Artists:


  • Ariella Eshed

  • Kat Francois

  • Lizzie Lowrie

  • Maria Da Luz Ghoumrassi

  • Monica Douglas-Clark

  • Rachel Giles

  • Rod Silvers

  • Satinder Chohan

  • Valeka J Holt

  • Yvonne John

The Experts:


  • Benjamin Abramov

  • Rev Elis Matthews

  • Fatimah Mohamied

  • Helen George

  • Marion Wilson

  • Shaun Rodgers

  • Sofia Gameiro

  • Dr Veronique Berman

Wednesday 1 May 2019

2pm - 5pm

Invited event. Tickets FREE. Contact hello@fertilityfest.com

With thanks to our principal clinic supporters:

Herts and Essex Fertility Centre colour.

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