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About Fertility Fest

Founded by fertility patients and arts producers, Gabby Vautier and Jessica Hepburn, Fertility Fest is the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, the science of making babies and modern families.

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We’ve got three big aims.


To improve understanding of the emotional journey of people who struggle or go on a complex journey to conceive – because it can be hard and horrible and we want there to be better patient care and outcomes for everyone whatever their fertility story, however it ends.


To improve the level of public conversation about infertility and reproductive science – what it can do, what it cannot do and how it’s affecting the way the human race is being made.


To improve fertility education – young people need to learn more than how ‘not to get pregnant’, they deserve a more rounded and robust understanding of human fertility so they have the best chance of creating the families they want in the future – with or without children, with or without reproductive science!

We do this by bringing the arts and science together.
Since our inception in 2016 we have worked with over 200 artists and fertility experts. See them all here.

Our Fertility Fest Journey

Gabby Vautier and Jessica Hepburn talk about their journeys through fertility treatment and the creation of Fertility Fest

Fertility Fest Showreel

Highlights from the festival

What does Fertility Fest Mean to You?

Artists and experts at Fertility Fest 2019 discuss what this unique festival has meant to them