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Reviews of Avalanche by Julia Leigh

Starring Maxine Peake


London production


Sydney production


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Yvonne John Interview  

In this article we interview Yvonne John, author of Dreaming of a Life Unlived and specialist in the experiences of childless women of colour. Yvonne will be one of our speakers at our There’s More to Life Than Children event on the 27th April and here...

Fertility Fest guest blog 

I’m just on the way home from the Big Festival Day at the Fertility Fest, and I feel quite emotional. 

Partly due to the deep rooted emotions being stirred up after my own personal infertility and IVF experience, partly due to the heartbreaking stories I’ve heard and watched today...

Sarah Banks, Fertility Fest Hero and Fertility Coach

Fertility Fest’s Big Fat Festival Day

Fertility Fest’s signature day The Big Fat Festival Day took place on Friday 3rd May at the Barbican with a fantastic line up of artists and experts including actress and celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner talking about her new book Meant to Be and musician Izzy Judd partner of McFly’s Harry Judd reading from her book Dare to Dream...

London Women's Clinic, Fertility Fest Clinic Supporter


On 27th April 2019, Avalanche: A Love Story premiered at the Barbican theatre produced in conjunction with Fertility Fest and Sydney Theatre Company.  It describes one woman’s struggle with infertility and the emotional toll of IVF...

London Women's Clinic, Fertility Fest Clinic Supporter

Fertility Fest 2019 

Fertility Fest is the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility and modern families.   Using their own personal experience of fertility treatment, theatre producers Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, created Fertility Fest to improve the understanding of the emotional impact of infertility...

London Women's Clinic, Fertility Fest Clinic Supporter


Why we are supporting FF2019 

Watch a video from Herts & Essex Fertility Centre on why they are supporting Fertility Fest 2019 

Herts & Essex, Fertility Fest Clinic Supporter

Repro Soc Camilla+Lyon.jpg

A Triptych of Losses  

Fertility Fest is the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, the science of making babies and modern families. Here, Susie Kilshaw, Zeynep Gurtin and Katharine Dow, three scholars of reproduction, provide their reflections on various events that took place at The Barbican...

Repro Soc 

When I told some of my friends I was going to an Arts based festival all about fertility, infertility and the science of making babies, these were a few of the reactions I got.

“That sounds fun…but a bit dodgy!”
“Fertility and arts? That’s a bit weird.”
“Who would even go to that?!”...

IVF Babble

This year was the second time I have attended Fertility Fest and the first time I was invited to take part. I must admit I remember feeling so excited when I first attended and had left the day hoping that I would somehow take part in the future. Well I got that opportunity when Jessica Hepburn contacted me back in April... 

Finding my Plan B

I’ve written a fair bit on this blog about cancer, infertility from chemo, failed IVFs with pre-chemo embryos, and the subsequent confusions, upsets, sadnesses.

Along with all the more cheery, easy to talk about stuff, these things are very much a part of who I am,therefore they often come up...

Stella Duffy: Not Writing but Blogging

Audience comments

“I want to thank you for positively encouraging discussion around the male side of fertility. I think I’d assumed that men just weren’t interested in talking about it but discussions proved that wasn’t the case and that men do want to talk if given the right opportunity.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“It is hard to put in to words how much it means to me to have been involved. In the middle of a difficult year, it provided just the support, encouragement and love that we needed. It might seem a bit hyperbolic to say it’s changed us, but in many ways I think it did.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“I really appreciated the fact that people could say things which were eccentric, challenging, debatable but still there was an overall feeling of respect, compassion and tolerance. Everyone was extremely welcoming and there was a friendly, open atmosphere. I instantly felt at home.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“The 'infertile' time of my life was the hardest and most painful. Fertility Fest helps me to integrate the painful time into the rest of my story. The thing I appreciate most is that people who have children and those who gave birth in other ways are all together, sharing as one family. This means more to me than I can say.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“I met really interesting people. I learnt new things. I felt that 'fertility' stopped being a rather dark and difficult thing and that it became something which could be discussed in new and more positive ways.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“I no longer feel so alone in my own journey. It was amazing to be with people and feel like one of the crowd rather than on the outside of everything.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“Fertility isn't just science and medicine. It affects your whole life and the way you feel about yourself and your place in the world. We need to recognise fully the emotional aspects of fertility. The arts can bring some light, laughter and understanding into an issue which can just seem incomprehensible, painful and difficult.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“So often in the fertility business, patients are expected to take their doctor's word, but Fertility Fest highlights that there is no one way and no consensus and that ideas and technology are changing all the time.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“I think the most important thing it does is bring everyone together on an equal footing - no other event does this in at all the same way. It is great that people who've had successful treatment, people who don't have children and people who have made families in different ways can all come together and realise we have a lot in common rather than focusing on the things which divide us.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“The Fest itself pushes fertility and discussions around fertility forward and slowly the stigma and taboos around this subject will hopefully ease away...”

Fertility Fest Attender

“The feeling of community was palpable. I felt able to speak to anyone as I knew that there would be some form of shared experience. I made several connections and came away with some new friends.”

Fertility Fest Attender

“One of the things which stands out about Fertility Fest is the supportive environment - and the sense of solidarity that we are all part of this, no matter what our involvement, no matter what our outcome.”

Fertility Fest Attender