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Avalanche by Julia Leigh

Starring Maxine Peake

World premiere


Maxine Peake stars in this adaptation of Julia Leigh’s book, which follows the emotionally-powerful journey one woman takes through IVF treatment, directed by Anne-Louise Sarks.

When a woman rekindles an early love in her late 30s her whole life changes. Deciding they want a child together, she and her new husband make a visit to the IVF clinic. So begins a long and costly journey of medical procedures, nightly injections, rituals and the oscillation between high hopes and the depths of despair.
Avalanche lays bare the stark truth of her experience against the seductive promises made by the multi-billion-dollar IVF industry to those in the grip of a 'snow-blind' yearning to make a baby. But at the heart of this dramatisation is an exploration of who we are and how we love; inspired by a true story, it is a courageous account of a profoundly important and widespread experience – performed by an actor ‘you want to follow whenever she appears’ (Guardian).

Directed by Anne-Louise Sarks

Designed by Marg Horwell

Composed and Sound Design by Stefan Gregory

Lighting by Lizzie Powell

Avalanche will be presented by co-producers Sydney Theatre Company in Sydney, Australia in August/September 2019

Saturday 27 April - Sunday 12 May 2019

Barbican Theatre

Produced by Barbican Theatre Productions and Fertility Fest

Co-Produced by Sydney Theatre Company

For more information, performance schedule and to book tickets, visit the Barbican website

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